HR Graduate

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  • Salary: £30,000
  • Closes: 14 November 2021

In Summary

HR Graduate 2021/2022

Job Description

HR Graduate Scheme 2021, York
Nestlé is able to activate your career in ways few other companies could. Why? Because we’re the largest food and beverage manufacturer on the planet—we have the size, scope and influence to get you where you want to be. Imagine a career in which you’re a part of an organisation that produces world-leading brands like KitKat, S.Pellegrino and Felix. The reality is you could be. If you’ve got the ambition, ideas, confidence and curiosity, we’ve got all the support, leadership and business-critical projects you could hope for. Applications are open right now to join the Nestlé HR Graduate Scheme in 2021—come and help us build an inclusive, diverse and brilliant workforce. As someone who’s interested in HR, you’ll know how important it is for businesses like ours to reflect the diversity of the people we serve. Variety of people means variety of ideas—that’s why we welcome applications from people of all manner of different backgrounds. Starting out in York, after your placements, you’ll be ready for a career with an HR team that makes a real difference for thousands of employees. It’s an exciting place to be. 

What the HR Graduate Scheme entails 
On our programme, you’ll help develop the same inclusive culture you’ll be joining. The emphasis here is always on inclusivity—it’ll even characterise the way in which you’re trained by rotating through various HR functions to experience different roles. That’s how you’ll get the best idea of the kind of HR role that’ll suit you. Over two years, you’ll train with some of the industry’s top professionals, taking on business-critical work and managing projects as you gain diverse, first-hand experience of world-class HR in action. You’ll be an HR Business Partner, a specialist at our Centre of Expertise and you’ll work in Recruitment and Employee services. It’s a full 360º overview of HR—you’ll get to see how we do it, and how you could progress here. Every step of the way, you’ll be supported and mentored so that you can get the most out of each experience. We want you to be inspired by what you see here, and how the work you do could help you improve the working lives of so many throughout our organisation. You’ll come away from the programme feeling able to take your career wherever you want—even into a role within the Nestlé Leadership Team. 

Who is eligible for the HR Graduate Scheme? 
At Nestlé, it’s about who you are and the potential you have to really thrive within a diverse and welcoming workforce. You’ll need a degree, of course, but what’s even more important is having the right attitude—being someone who is passionate about HR and has the energy to go after a role they can really be proud of. We’ll help you build on your strengths. Whether you’re a natural organiser, or a relationship builder, or someone who drives results, the mentorship you’ll receive here will help you discover your special talents and take them to the next level. That’s what HR is about here—embracing the unique talents of everyone. At an organisation the size of ours, that’s a lot of talent, which makes HR an area of huge potential. Start your career doing vital work for a company with a global agenda to ‘Create Shared Value (CSV)’ for every community our company comes into contact with. It’s all part of our drive to become a ‘Force for Good’—meeting our environmental responsibilities and making a positive impact on the wider world. In return for your efforts, we’ll give you a great salary and all kinds of benefits—from an annual bonus (subject to eligibility), membership of our Pension Fund and access to our flexible rewards package. You can even bring your dog to work, if you’re based in the York or Gatwick Head Office. Our HR Graduate Scheme is about so much more than preparing you to enter professional life—it’s about self-discovery, finding your place in the world, and how you—with the work you do—might make things a little better for everyone. Apply now.

  • Scheme Type: Graduate
  • Open Date: 04 October 2021
  • Date Added: 30 September 2021
  • Start Date: 12 September 2022